Best Games To Play On Smartphones With Friends

You might have played birthday cookie puns all or one of these popular games. However, for those of you who haven’t, I play these casual games practically every day.  That is why I can strongly recommend all of them.   At any given time I will have several games downloaded to my two iOS devices from nearly every genre out there.  However, there are just a couple of games that I return to nearly every day, and that is because these games are addictive, fun, and an excellent way to stay in contact with family and friends.

These are turn-based “casual” games.  You must connect with a friend in order to play the game – this collection doesn’t come with a single-player option. These have been around for quite some time.  However, that is the point: they are games I keep playing because they only take a few minutes for me to take my turn and then send it to one of my friends.  Sometimes it can be a pain to go take my turn (especially whenever life is busy), however, overall the experience of competing with family and friends is good and helps you stay connected, even when life gets busy.

Scramble With Friends (99 cents – Android|iPhone), from Zynga, has been very successful in the iTunes App Store.  It features classic Boggle-like gameplay.  I go back to this game on a regular basis on my iPhone.  The object of this game, like Boggle, is finding as many words as you possibly can within a scrambled of letters through connecting adjacent letters in order to form words.  Words can be formed diagonally, horizontally, and vertically through touching a letter and swiping across other letters until a word is completed.  You are given 2 minutes to find as many words as you can.  For anybody who’s played the classic Boggle game, there is nothing new here.  However, the familiar Zynga interface along with the social-networking connectivity allow s you to jump right and begin to play with friends no matter where you happen to be.

You can sign into Scramble with Friends through Faceback.  Then you will be shown which of your friends has the game already.  Next, you can invest a friend to play with you and take the first 2-minute round.  After you are done, you just wait until your friend has played their turn and then it will be your turn again (just like how you play Word With Friends.  Three rounds are played and whoever has the highest total score wins.

Scramble with Friends continues to evolve, with new extras being added in order to kick things up a notch in this game.  Before you start a round of the game, there are four Power-Ups for you to choose from to get a leg. The same options are available to your opponent.  Time is stopped by the freeze power-up, to give you more than your 2 minutes of your allotted time to find a couple of extra words.  There is also the inspiration power-up where you are shown where three words are located that you have chosen yet.  The Scramble power-up mixes all of the tiles up.  Vision is the final power-up, where you are challenged to locate three words, and then you are given an extra 15 seconds once you find them.  The bonus power-ups add something extra to the classic Boggle game and keep things interesting in the game.

With its starting point being the proven classic word game, along with easy game matching and an intuitive interface, it is not a surprise that Scramble and Friends have been so successful on my iPhone and the iTunes App Store.  I think anybody who likes Boggle and other word games should download this title immediately.

This week’s app collection is all about playing casual games with your friends.  The first game plays like the old classic table-top game, with some handy modern extras to give the game some added interest.  The second one is a color-matching game that involves laying down three tile groups for points.  Our third game is a dice game where you and your friend take turns rolling dice.

Matching with Friends (Free, ad-supported version, – $2.99, full version) is another Zynga app which is a turn-based game that you can play with a friend.  It is available for iPhone only.  However, rather than just playing a word game, you will be placing matching colored blocks strategically on a game board, and the send your move to your friend.

Matching with Friends, like with Scramble with Friends, makes it easy for you to connect with friends.  When you launch the game, you will need to sign in via either your Twitter or Facebook account.  After you are logged in, you either can be matched automatically with a player or search your friend’s list to find someone to play with.

After the release of Matching with Friends, I started a few games, and I’m still playing the game with the same people.  As soon as I started playing fortune cookies, I thought the bonus alerts were self-explanatory, the controls very easy to understand, and the colors looked vibrant.  When it comes to Matching with Friends the only hard thing is describing its gameplay.

At first, the game is a bit confusing, but it teaches you all of the basics and allows you to play a single-player short game to learn the fundamentals.  The object of the game is using your three jelly cube sets and matching them with the jelly cube colors that are on the board.  Your three cubes can be rotated to better match up with the cubes that are on the board (to touch more cubes that are the same color) and so you can land on the multiplier tiles to score big points.  After you are done placing all three cube sets, and happy with their positioning, your turn is over, and you send moves to the person you are playing with.

Each turn is played in the same way.  However, there are a couple of variables to add more fun to the game.  Your jelly cubes can be swapped out for different color combinations that may work better with the colors that are on the board.  There are bonus items as well, such as a bomb that can eliminate a color cube (or a whole group of cubes) if it doesn’t fit in with your overall strategy.

What the bonus items and overall gameplay added up to a very challenging strategy game which requires fast thinking, but it becomes second nature rather quickly as you try formulating the best possible move to score the most points on every turn.

If you have not played Matching with Friends yet, you should check out the ad-supported, free version.  After you start to get used to matching colors up and increasing the multipliers, I think that you will be just as hooked as I am with this game.

Dice with Buddies ($1.99 – iPhone|Android) is another fun casual game.  This time a turn-based game is played that is similar to the Hasbro Yahtzee game.  Like the other games we have mentioned, you can either play with family, friend or be matched up with another random player throw minecraft book, but a single-player option is not available.

The plays very similar to the way Yahtzee does.  There is a clear board at the beginning of the game that is slowly filled up with every turn.The dice rolls that are needed to finish your board along with the die numbers are laid out in the board’s upper section (for example, number of fives or threes), and more complex combinations are in the lower part of the board (large straight or four of a kind). You get three dice rolls with each turn.  However, you can choose which dice you want to hold, and then to achieve a better hand you roll whatever remaining dice you have. Although it is kind of difficult to explain, those who have played Yahtzee will get the hang of it very quickly.  It is a lot easier to simply start playing the game to get a good feel for it.

Dice with Buddies may be the least complex of the games we have discussed, you can get through your turns very fast after just a few games.  However, there is something very addictive about rolling the dice and attempting to get the best scores on all of the categories.  I believe most people would agree that this is one of the best turn-based casual games around.

Like I said in the very beginning, none of them are new games, but are old standbys instead that you continue to play almost every day.  If you are searching for a great way to stay connected with a friend and play casual games together, then I highly recommend all of the games mentioned here.

The Best Android Games Of 2018

Throughout the years mobile gaming has increased in popularity and there have been some major improvements. Every single year, it seems Android games are always improving. It’s safe to say that their games are likely to get better in the future.

Before we know it, there are be far more impressive titles than it has ever been. However, we want to discuss the best Android games that are currently out there. With that said, below are our top picks for best Android games currently available.


This game was released a few years ago, back in 2016. Since launching, it has gone on to become one of the top Android games out there. It features a trucker that crashes on an alien planet.

The goal is to build a base, figure out what’s going on and to collect items. By the way, you also have to save the world from a devious plot. There is an RPG element to the game.

Don’t worry though because the game is relatively easy to play. It contains plenty of fun aspects and there are many hours of content. Best of all, you will be pleased to know that the game doesn’t have in-app purchases. It has also puzzles like Word Cookies Strawberry Answers


Another great Android game is Hearthstone. Think of this game as being on the same wavelength of Magic The Gathering or Pokemon. You build decks after collecting cards and then you use your decks to battle it out with other players. The game does have a few offline components.

Multiplayer duels only take place online and you can use the cloud to save your progress. One of the best things about the game is the new expansions that come out frequently. This keeps things interesting and more fun.


Minecraft is a widely popular game that players of all ages can try. Minecraft puts players in a massive world where they mine items, beat up bad guys and build stuff, as well as a bunch of other stuff. Survival Mode is where you have to mine resources and find food on your own. Creative Mode gives you unlimited stuff.

New content is added regularly, thanks to frequent updates that take place. Minecraft is on par with its console counterpart and its PC counterpart. Besides that, you can play multiplayer.

There are in-game purchases too. However, in-app purchases are usually for customizing stuff, such as skin packs. Nonetheless, the in-app purchases are impressive.

Monument ValleyMonument Valley

Both Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 are great games and the graphics/game play mechanics are pretty much the same. What you do is solve puzzles, and the levels are movable. Your goal is to complete these puzzles. The Monument Valley franchise has created some of the best mobile games in the world, and the first one goes for just under $4, while the second one goes for just under $5.

Noodlecake StudiosNoodlecake Studios

One of the best and most unique Android game developers is Noodlecake Studios, who are known for their vast number of games. Some of the best games they have created include Framed 1 and Framed 2, as well as real Myst and Alto’s Adventure. These are only a handful of the mobile app games they have available.

Their games range from free to play to pay a one-time fee. A few of their games have completely missed the mark, but most of their games are excellent. If you want to find out what games are available, then visit Noodlecake Studios today.

Are you looking for fun Android games that will keep you entertained for hours on end? If so, then you can’t go wrong with downloading any of the above. Go ahead and give them all a try or download the ones that you find the most interesting. run 3 cool math games The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll find out what makes them so much fun.

Elbasan Considered City Of The Month In Europe, Albanians are Lucky Having The Only Source With Illyrian Tradition.

Elbasan Now is The Third Largest City In Albnia!

Albania celebrates the lunar Spring Day, the so-called Summer Day (Albanian: Dita e Verës or Dita e Luleve), on 14 March, and in 2004 it became a national holiday. It is an old pagan practice, particularly popular in the city of Elbasan, Central Albania.

According to some sources, Dita e Verës derives from the Arbëreshë, an Albanian community that lives in Italy since the fifteenth century. On 14 March, the Arbëreshë of the Italian coast, collect a tuft of grass roots and soil, bringing it home to commemorate the anniversary of their emigration from Albania. In fact, some sources date back this celebration to the ancient Illyria. At that time, the feast was celebrated on 1 March, which according to the Julian calendar, corresponded to the first day of the year.

Pilgrimages were made to the highest peaks in the Albanian mountains to be as close as possible to the Sun God and pray for the goodness and prosperity of the new year. The great fire crossed by men and young people symbolized the end of winter. Instead, wreaths and garlands on the doors of the houses wished good luck. The purity of the celebration has weakened over the centuries but came to this day thanks to the tradition preserved in the city of Elbasan.

The ritual of the Dita e Verës begins on the previous day with the preparation of sweets: the revani and ballakume, the blended butter, sugar, corn flour and egg yolks cooked in a wood oven. During the evening ballakume, dried figs, walnuts, turkey legs, boiled eggs, simite (a typical sandwich of the city) are distributed to members of the family. The oldest woman of the house remains awake at night and goes from room to room to put down grass on the cushions of couples, young people and children, a ritual that symbolizes the regeneration and quickening.

On the morning of 14 March, the elderly leave the door open as a sign of generosity, a pitcher filled with fresh water and take home a clump of green grass. The youngest fertilizes the orange and olive trees, but the smaller ones are the first to make the “lucky” visits to neighbors and relatives who give them turkey legs, dried figs and nuts. Finally lunch on 14 March, should be eaten outdoors in the company of friends and relatives.

Video Game Advice For Parents And Their Kids

Video Game Advice For Children And Their Parents

An increasing number of people now remember playing video games when they were children. Video games continue to be popular and get more sophisticated. The video gaming industry continues to see advancements and they are unlikely to stop anytime soon, since video games keep getting increasingly popular by the minute.

Make sure you are aware of what the ESRB ratings are for games. Similar to movies, video games are also given ratings. Those ratings will inform you as to who the game’s intended audience is for. If you are purchasing video games for minors, it’s very important that you become knowledgeable about the warning and rating system.

Watch the video below for 10 things the gamers’s parents need to know:

You will want to buy a rechargeable battery that can be used with the wireless gaming controller that you use. There are rechargeable power supplies that can be purchased for any controller. You will end up spending a fortune on batteries used for running your controllers if you are intending on playing video games on a regular basis. Over the long run you can save lots of money using rechargeable batteries.

If you are purchasing games for a child, be sure to pay close attention to what the ESRB rating is. The ESRB rating will tell which age groups are appropriate for playing the video game. It will also inform you on the violence level of the game. These ratings will help you determine whether the game is appropriate or not for the individuals who will be playing it.

Play the video game yourself before allowing your child to play it. Don’t just go by what other people tell you and the ESRB ratings. A game might contain content that you don’t want your child exposed to. The only way you can know for sure is playing it yourself first for a while. If you are stuck on a level you can find a lot of walk-throughs online like the word cookies daily puzzle, you can find them for console games and pc games even for mobile games. there are different sites that offer level by level guides.

Buy used video games to get the most out of your money. Purchasing video games right when they first are released isn’t necessary. Wait until a used copy becomes available. You can still have fun enjoying the game and save some money as well.

Although a video game might look very exciting to you, make sure you read the reviews before buying it. Game companies do everything they can to make their game appear to be enticing when sometimes they might be really boring or even horrible. Ask around to see if you have any friends who are familiar with the game and search online for reviews.

Video games can pose a dilemma for parents. Your children definitely want to play all of the greatest and latest games that all of their friends are playing and talking about. However, you do need to have some control when it comes to what they are exposed to. There is a simple solution: Do some multi-player gaming along with your kids. Play with them so you can see what they are doing and what the are seeing.

Before buying a video game, watch the trailers and read the reviews first. Be sure you are really interested before purchasing it. Video games are not exactly cheap, and once you use it a couple of times you won’t get much money for trading it in as a used game.

On a majority of gaming sites, there will be the option for you to slowly earn rewards or buy them. Be sure to carefully consider your decision for purchasing in-game items using cash. You of course want to ensure that you get your money’s worth on all of the purchases that you make and also save time.

Consider purchasing used video game items. Buying used items helps save the environment and helps you save money as well. Usually you can find used controllers, game systems and just about anything else you want or need. Looking in local video game stores or online for used gaming items to buy.

Don’t just throw your old video games away. Trade your games in for cash or new ones to maximize use of your money. You can use the profits that you receive from selling your old games for buying new games or your next console.

Typically the best video game consoles get released one to two months prior to Christmas. The one exception to this rule was the PS3 system, which wasn’t ready ahead of the Christmas season. If you’re wanting to get a new console system, wait for new releases for the Christmas season.

Not only are video games most likely part of your current life, but part of your future and past as well. The gaming industry has had so many amazing upgrades over the years. In the future gaming is likely to continue to be impressive. It definitely is going to be a fun ride, and one where you aren’t ever sure what will come next.

The Best Android Word Games

We have compiled a list of the best word games for Android that are currently available in the Google Play Store. They will test your reflexes, knowledge of trivia and your puzzle-solving skills. Several of them do have in-app purchases, however they still offer lots of free content as well.

So are you ready to begin working with your letters? Here are our five favorite Android word games for you to check out.

Heads Up!

Heads Up!

This is a very enjoyable multiplayer local trivia game. One of the players holds up a tablet or phone to their head so that it shows a word. The teammate provides hints for the word. When guessed correctly, flipping the device down will bring a new word up, wile flipping up is a pass. Once you are done with the game, you can view a video replay that the front-facing camera on the device takes and share it with all your friends. Six themed packs are available to start, and there are many other in-app purchases available that cost around a dollar each.

Definitely try out Heads Up! if you have been searching for an easy game to play at a party.



This minimalist word game has a hint of Tetris thrown in. You are probably already familiar with the concept of tracing through a series or letter tiles in the proper order to create words and remove them off of the board. Various game modes are available, including a Wi-Fi competitive multiplayer one. As you continue to play new game modes get unlocked gradually, and offer towers that are even taller for you to get through.

Spelltower is modern and sharp. However, it still requires you to have a strong vocabulary and keen eyes.


This is an intriguing new word puzzle challenge that is available in 22 different languages. Every word is its own crossword puzzle that is hidden within an image. Your challenge is to solve all of the words. If you need a little help you can always ask online for it and you will find sites that have the answers in different languages like this one in greek: πιξ γουορντσ λυσεισ

Once you solve one word, another letter opens up, until the whole puzzle is gradually revealed.

– Simple rules
– Free game
– Over 800 levels
– Great way to expand your vocabulary
– Hundreds of different pictures and words



In this word puzzle game, players are provided with a topic and must assemble a set of crossword-style letter tiles in order to make a complete set of words. Every day new puzzles packs are available, and even more via in-app purchases. You can also spend coins you earn in the game on hints when things start to get too tricky.

Bonza puts a new twist on old crossword aesthetics and is a very relaxing word game.



You are on the clock in this word-solving Scrabble-style game. Players are provided with letter tiles that are needed for forming words. However, these tiles come with limited lifespans. You must use them before their background fills in red. Each time a word is completed, there is a kaleidoscopic image in the background that expands and grows. Each moves also effects the game’s audio track.

After you have hit your stride with Lex, you can go into a zen-like state despite the high-speed nature of the wordplay.

7 Little Words

7 Little Words

The game provides players with a group of trivia hints in the format of a crossword, along with letter tiles for assembling the solutions. Each pack has its own unique theme, and new packs are available on a regular basis via in-app purchases. If you get stuck, hints are available.

Anyone wanting to test their wordplay and trivia knowledge simultaneously will love 7 Little Words.

How You Can End Acne Problems Forever

Congrats, you got your first pimple. Welcome to being an adolescent, as this is most likely the start. This article will clarify why you get acne, furthermore go into the most basic ways that you can clear up your skin and keep new acne and pimples from occurring.

Numerous youngsters and young grown-ups wind up in a tragic battle against acne. Keeping your skin free of grime and oils that normally torment us day by day is the finest pre-emptive measure. Cleaning your face with cleanser while showering will greatly lessen your possibility of future breakouts, and additionally ceasing any breakouts before they extend.


Stop and abstain from utilizing any items intended to whiten teeth. If you realize that you are breaking out around your mouth, consider any type of treatment that you may be utilizing to whiten your teeth. Acne can be brought on by certain oral items, for example, mouthwashes or toothpastes. The skin close to your mouth is significantly more delicate than the rest, so watch what you put on it!

The most essential approaches to abstain from getting acne is to keep your hands far from your face. The oils and microorganisms on your fingers can really harm your skin and make pores blocked. Absolutely never push on or chafe your face at all with your fingers.

To help in the treatment of skin inflammation, be mindful of any connections between your breakouts and your day by day propensities. If you have been skirting your every day routine of washing your face just to end up with an erupt of imperfections, listen to your body and adjust appropriately.

If you have a lively or fit way of life with vigorous activity an awesome approach to keep away from acne is by wiping off sweat. Permitting sweat to linger all over with time blocks up your pores with dirt and microorganisms. If you don’t wipe sweat off continually, you will create skin inflammation in long term.

Keep in mind that common or natural products are not necessarily better at treating acne. Once in a while these natural ingredients are generally as disturbing to the skin as their man-made counterparts. Albeit natural products are regularly ecologically more secure, a considerable lot of them don’t contain any demonstrated capacities to counteract Acne. Continuously check the labels deliberately to figure out what is really contained in these natural products.

There are several variety of sustenances that can assist your with body prevent the formation of acne. Some of these foods incorporate poultry, fish and whole grains. These foods likewise cool math games run 2 keep your body healthy. If you need to give your body the upper hand against acne, then ensure that you eat these recommended foods.

An imperative tip to consider when it comes to skin inflammation is to make sure to wipe sweat from your face during physical exercise regularly. This is important in ensuring that your skin is clear and free from dirt, oil and microscopic organisms. Make sure that you utilize a towel that will not introduce microorganisms, dirt or oil from your hand.

All in all, you got your first zit however it is not the end of the world. Simply follow the time tested procedures that were listed in this article and you will see that your skin will clear up and you will decrease your chances for future flare-ups.


Discover the Best Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

There are a lot of people who cringe at the thought of having cellulite. Because they want to get rid of it, they may try a bunch of different home remedies and other forms of treatment to see an improvement. If you are one of those people, the options below could help you put a stop to cellulite in no time.


Start by doing more lower-body exercises. Although squats and lunges are helpful, you should spend time jumping some rope too. Instead of working out slowly for a longer period of time, make your movements a lot faster and more intense so that you can finish a bit quicker. Do not hesitate to do these rapid exercises a few times in an hour.

How much salt do you use when preparing meals? The salt you are using could be causing more problems. Instead of using the traditional kind in your recipes, consider using sea salt as a replacement. If you are using refined salt, it could make you more dehydrated.

If you do not want to have cellulite, you have to hydrate your body at all times. You should stay away from carbonated beverages and drink water daily. Foods that contain a lot of water, such as watermelon, are good for you too. They may even help with your battle against cellulite since you are trying to get rid of it.

Set a schedule for exercising so that you can make sure to get it done. You should start sweating while you are working out. As your body begins to sweat, you will start to release those toxins from your body. Not only that, but the movements you are making will help you get in better shape, which also helps with eliminating the cellulite.

Have you noticed cellulite on your thighs? If so, get into riding a bike. Even if you do not want to ride one outside, you could also buy an exercise bike and use it on a daily basis to give your lower-body the workout it needs. Before you know it, your thighs may look slimmer and tighter, and you may no longer have as much cellulite as you did before.

Massage problem areas at least once or twice a day with essential oil. There are also a lot of different brushes designed to use on the body when trying to get rid of cellulite. In fact, there are even coffee soaps that are believed to help reduce its appearance. You may want to buy these products and begin using them to make some major progress.

Most people do not realize that this dimpling of the skin often occurs when they have a lot of toxins inside of them. The best way to get rid of the toxins and keep them out of the body is to start eating better. Processed food should be avoided by all means necessary. Clean eating is important, which means your diet should consist of lots of fruits and vegetables.

Make sure that you do a bit of walking on a daily basis. Even if you can only walk for about 30 minutes, it is still some progress that you are making. As long as you exercise enough during the day, you have a much better chance of getting rid of that cellulite while staying in shape.

By following some of these different techniques, you may be able to get rid of your cellulite and keep it from reappearing on your skin. It will take some work on your behalf, but it certainly is possible.